Formation in Faith

DSC_6124At Saint John’s, we support people of all ages in their questions about God.

Our Christian Education program is based on the “Godly Play” curriculum for our smallest children at “Feasting On The Word” curriculum for our older children. It is run by a dedicated group of parent volunteers with assistance from our Coordinator of Parish Communications and Christian Education, Kate McKey-Dunar. For more information, click here.

Young people fourteen years of age or older are encouraged to check out our confirmation program, which is organized jointly with the Parish of Saint Paul in Newton Highlands. For more information, click here.

We provide formation programs for adults, both on our own and in conjunction with other parishes.

Our Fellowship Groups provide folks with an easy and fun way to be in regular community with a small group of friends gathered around the dinner table. For many of us this has been a welcoming way into our community. For more information please contact the rector at rector (at)