Adult Education

St. John’s Church is a learning community known as a “thinking parish” that fosters opportunities for adults to grow in their understanding and application of their Christian faith. Sermons given by the clergy and lay members of the parish elucidate the holy scriptures and present ways to put the teaching of Jesus into practice. You can find our sermons here.


Young people fourteen years of age or older are encouraged to check out our confirmation program, which is organized jointly with the Parish of Saint Paul in Newton Highlands.

Class is from 5pm until 7:30pm at St. Paul’s. As always, supper will be provided at 5pm sharp. Please try to be on time.

Questions? Contact the Reverend Gretchen Grimshaw at

Church School

At Saint John’s, we support people of all ages in their questions about God.

Our Christian Education program is based on the “Godly Play” curriculum for our smallest children at “Feasting On The Word” curriculum for our older children. It is run by a dedicated group of parent volunteers.

Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals

It is our honor to celebrate baptisms and weddings with you as well as to accompany you during times of loss. In each instance, it is a privilege to be invited into your deeply personal expressions of celebration and farewell. As a parishioner, you are most welcome to seek the guidance of St. John’s clergy in planning a wedding, a baptism, or a loved one’s funeral.