St. John’s Youth Ministry—designed for young people in grades six to twelve—is grounded in the conviction that faith happens in and through community. We nurture a climate where young people are integrated into the life of the church and empowered to embody the extravagant love of God. We do this by recognizing and amplifying the life-giving talents young people have to offer the Church: gifts of urgent questioning, of devotion to justice, of energy, and of sensitivity to and scorn for hypocrisy. In the process, we recognize and address the special needs and challenges of adolescence: challenges of shifting identities, of navigating an increasingly unforgiving world, of growing into adult roles. We think that an open mind and a healthy skepticism are essential elements of the Christian faith, and that spiritual development is more a process of cultivating a relationship with God than accepting a set of specific beliefs. Youth interested in learning about the liturgical life of St.John’s Church are invited into the Acolyte program.

Young people fourteen years of age or older are encouraged to participate in our confirmation program, which is organized jointly with the Parish of Saint Paul in Newton Highlands. Class is from 5pm until 7:30pm at St. Paul’s. Supper will be provided at 5pm sharp. Questions? Contact the clergy at St. John’s and the Reverend Gretchen Grimshaw at