Adult Education

Sunday Services

St. John’s Church is a learning community known as a “thinking parish” that fosters opportunities for adults to grow in their understanding and application of their Christian faith. Sermons given by the clergy and lay members of the parish elucidate the holy scriptures and present ways to put the teaching of Jesus into practice. You can find our sermons here.


Sunday Services

Education for Ministry (EfM) is a class that meets weekly throughout the academic year for three years to study Scripture, Church history, theology, and ethics. Through discussions, prayer, and learning methods for theological reflection, a strong community of learning and shared faith is formed. Members of the class strengthen their ability to discern where and how God is at work in everyday life. Classmates also help one another discern where and how God is calling them to act in the world—the places their ministry as baptized Christians can best be lived out.

St. John’s offers Education for Ministry (EfM) on Mondays at 7:30 pm, coordinated by Jeffrey Mills. To learn more about EfM, please contact Jeffrey Mills by email or before or after the 10 am Holy Eucharist at St. John’s.

Sunday Services

Are you curious to explore the mystery of God and the generous Christianity we practice here at St. John’s Church?

This class will help you journey more deeply into God, Jesus, the Bible, the Church, and things that matter. The class invites your questions about faith, and is created for all seekers—those who are unfamiliar with basic Episcopal and Christian beliefs and tenets, those who have been church-damaged, or those who haven’t examined their faith in a long time. Various students have called this “a class with no judgments,” and “a class of immense impact, allowing me to move closer into relationship with God that feels freeing.”

In lectures and small group discussions, this class explores the basics of the Christian faith as it is lived out at St. John’s Church. The lectures are given by St. John’s clergy. We share meals, pray together, and get to know one another and our faith community better as we journey more deeply into life in Christ. Current parishioner or passing pilgrim—all are welcome.

The class meets once a week across a two-month span. Following completion of the Inquirers’ Class, adult participants may choose to be baptized, or to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church (or both)