Each month CSFP provides Kids Club bags to over 600 families with children. During 2024, each month St. John’s will collect a specific non-perishable kid-friendly item that is not freely provided by the Greater Boston Food Bank. On Easter Sunday, the donations of cereal will be removed from the bench on DiMauro Hall. In April we will collect Snacks (Goldfish, Ritz-style crackers, fruit/trail mix, raisins). Please leave items on the bench in DiMauro Hall. Thank you.

If you are interested in volunteering at CSFP you can click the link https://www.centrestfoodpantry.org/volunteer to set up a volunteer account, to sign a waiver, and to pick dates and times to help. Click the calendar in the menu bar to see the job and volunteer dates.

2024 Donations

  • In January, St. John’s collected boxes of Mac ‘N Cheese (7oz boxes, not spicy).
  • In February, we collected TUNA (5-6 oz cans or packages).
  • In March we collected BREAKFAST CEREAL OR OATMEAL (10-18 oz. or variety pack; low sugar).

2023 Donations

  • In December, St. John’s collected 56 pounds of jelly and other food for the Kid’s club bags.
  • In November, St. John’s donated granola bars.
  • In October, St. John’s collected Breakfast Cereal (low sugar).
  • In September, St. John’s delivered 45 lbs of fruit and applesauce cups to the Centre Street Food Pantry! Thank you to all who donated fruit, which makes a sweet and nutritious addition to the Pantry’s Kids Club bags.
  • In June St. John’s contributed nearly 50 pounds of canned tuna to Kids Club Bags!! That is a boatload of fish.
  • Great jammin’!! During the month of May, St. John’s contributed 27 lbs. of jelly and jam to CSFP.
  • In April, St. John’s and friends donated 385 cereal bars. WOW!!! Thank you.