Each month CSFP provides Kids Club bags to over 600 families with children. During 2024, each month St. John’s will collect a specific non-perishable kid-friendly item that is not freely provided by the Greater Boston Food Bank. Beginning Sunday, June 1st it is Souper June. Please donate any kind of chicken-based or tomato soup. Please leave items on the bench in DiMauro Hall. Thank you.

If you are interested in volunteering at CSFP you can click the link https://www.centrestfoodpantry.org/volunteer to set up a volunteer account, to sign a waiver, and to pick dates and times to help. Click the calendar in the menu bar to see the job and volunteer dates.

2024 Donations

  • In January, St. John’s collected boxes of Mac ‘N Cheese.
  • In February, we collected Tuna.).
  • In March we collected 19 boxes of cereal.
  • In April, we collected snacks (Goldfish, Ritz-style crackers, fruit/trail mix, raisins).
  • In May, we collected fruit cups.

2023 Donations

  • In December, St. John’s collected 56 pounds of jelly and other food for the Kid’s club bags.
  • In November, St. John’s donated granola bars.
  • In October, St. John’s collected Breakfast Cereal (low sugar).
  • In September, St. John’s delivered 45 lbs of fruit and applesauce cups to the Centre Street Food Pantry! Thank you to all who donated fruit, which makes a sweet and nutritious addition to the Pantry’s Kids Club bags.
  • In June St. John’s contributed nearly 50 pounds of canned tuna to Kids Club Bags!! That is a boatload of fish.
  • Great jammin’!! During the month of May, St. John’s contributed 27 lbs. of jelly and jam to CSFP.
  • In April, St. John’s and friends donated 385 cereal bars. WOW!!! Thank you.